MR Crooked® PP Crescent Tail - MATTE BLACK / BLACK

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Playful feel with inbuilt performance.

The MR Crooked®Crescent Tail builds on the shape of the iconic MR Super LTD design. The design gives the board a new level of responsiveness, acceleration and control for an intune nimble ride, be it in a wave pool of an offshore bombie.
The MR Crooked Crescent Tail is a medium flex craft with nose to tail and rail to rail mesh while utilizing the unique Found Torsion Stringer® that delivers snappy projection and implementing stability and durability for escalator drops and in the flat landings.
Flex tapered contours highlights directional camber for a balanced ride and graduated channels increses control.
The MR Crooked® Crescent Tail was intended to be thrashed without concerns thanks to the construction that's high-performance and the high value.

*Please note all wetsuits are a gift and free of charge. These suits will not come with a warranty or be exchanged for another style or size if it does not fit.  Some wetsuits will have minor manufacturing defects. 

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