Found Torsion® Innovation.

Found boards introduced the innovative Found Torsion® Stringer in 2013, a revolutionary design in the progression of the modern bodyboard.

Using the advanced technologies of Precision Stringer Insertion (PSI) exclusive only to Found boards®, we have developed a new concept in bodyboard design. This unique design, with its revolutionary stringer shape, brings with it diagonal flex line characteristics resulting in a more fluid ride with spring-loaded responses, allowing the rider more control and ultimately more speed.

The concept of the Found Torsion® was to create a higher performance stringer and to use the process of elimination; Mitch wanted to remove the weak points of stringer design that didn't work so well and add what was needed to improve the functionality of the board. 

With performance always being the central goal, Found bards® came up with the Found Torsion, a board that is more durable without added stiffness, like with more common stringer configurations.

The Found Torsion® stringer works with the board, the rider and the wave with more efficiency, thus adding more performance, which leads to better riding. The main advantage the Found Torsion® has over other more common stringer configurations is the ability it has to work more seamlessly with the core's structure while supplying flexible tension and equalizing the distribution of flex throughout the board.

"I knew during my first surf testing out the Found Torsion® that I would never revert to a traditional stringer configuration. The newfound flex and speed allowed me to spring out of moves faster and further explore my own capabilities and had me enjoying my surfing even more, which is what it's all about." Mitch Rawlins, Found boards®. 

The Found Torsion Stringer® is available in selected models.