Warranty Information

Bodyboard Warranty:

All Bodyboards and soft surfboards and other products by Found Boards, are warranted to be free of manufacturing and materials defects for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. All claims of any manufacturing or materials defect must be made within thirty (30) days directly to Found Boards or to the retail store where the product was purchased, together with proof of purchase if it is determined upon inspection by Found Boards. That a manufacturing defect is present, then Found Boards will repair the board or replace the board with like merchandise at its sole discretion. No monetary refunds or exchanges for any product other than a Found Boards product will be made and provided, however, that any boards used for commercial purposes, such as rentals, surf schools and camps, are not warranted for any period of time. The installation of any third-party parts and/or accessories, such as fins, grips and/or mounts, on Found Boards products voids the warranty. Drilling or cutting into, and/or affixing objects to, the Found Boards products also voids the warranty.
Although Found Boards products are made with the finest materials and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, because of the nature of surfing, Found Boards. Cannot warrant against damage to or breakage of a board caused or incurred during its use, even if such damage falls within the thirty (30) day warranty period. Damage to any Found Boards product resulting from wear and tear, misuse, exposure to the sun, heat or elements, or simply caused by the demands of the board when in use, including but not limited to boards that are wrecked, snapped, punctured, scraped, broken, crushed, compressed, dented, and fins or straps that are broken or damaged, or any other damage or breakage of any kind that is not caused by a manufacturing or materials defect, is not covered at any time. Repair and replacement kits, however, are available from Found Boards. By contacting its Customer Service Department +61 421334443 or mitch@foundboards.com. Do not use solvents or cleaners on Found Boards. Found Boards are manufactured to last for many years with proper care according to the Good Board Care Guide included with this purchase.

Creases are not covered by warranty.

Found boards have the right to examine the bodyboard and make all final decisions on whether the board was deemed misused when applying for your warranty claim.

 The warranty claim will not be considered for:

 -Misuse and damage on behalf of the owner /rider

-Not handled in accordance with board care

- Modifying the board in any way.


The sport of bodyboarding is inherently dangerous as is considered like many board water sports an inherently dangerous activity that could give rise to severe injury or death. The sport of bodyboarding requires skill and the exercise of caution at all times. Stunts and extreme performances on bodyboards are performed by experienced and competent individuals and are done with a great deal of personal risk but are done so after training and individual assessment of the inherent danger, uncertainty and potentially deadly consequences. Children must always be adequately supervised while using a bodyboard. By purchasing this bodyboard, the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Found Boards, its heirs, successors and assigns as well as its distributors assume no liability whatsoever in respect of any injury or any liability arising therefrom, event or otherwise arising by way of accident, misuse, negligence or otherwise. The purchaser by purchasing this board assumes all responsibility arising from its use. Found Boards do not endorse to promote or encourage or represent the use of the bodyboard for any dangerous purpose of the board.

For any issues regarding the warranty, the owner must contact the place of purchase.